Mewtwo in Pokemon Unite will be free: Movements and details

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mewtwo in pokemon unite will be free: movements and details

Mewtwo will be joining Pokemon Unite, something many players have been waiting for for quite some time.

While we’re still waiting for Inteleon and enjoying the Pikachu party, Pokemon Unite has brought us loads of Holo Outfits and even 2 gift codes for Sylveon and Espeon. But what really excites many is the arrival of one of the most popular Pokemon in the series, the legendary Mewtwo.

Below you will find everything that is known so far about it, including information about its special event.

Mewtwo in Pokemon Unite: Free for all?

If you’re looking forward to Mewtwo’s arrival in Pokemon Unite, you’ll be happy to know that a recent leak indicates it’s coming for free.

This has been revealed TheChicoEevee, the top leaker in the game known for sharing the hidden data in Pokemon Unite. It seems that he recently came across signs of an upcoming event that players will be able to complete to unlock Mewtwo, much like Mew did. So you only need to play instead of spending your Aeos coins.

To achieve this you will have to roll two “Mewtwo dice” per day. Rolling the correct numbers will be important to progress, and you can use Aeos coins to reroll, in which case you will get a higher number than the previous roll. We will move through tiles in the event that will unlock quests with different difficulty levels based on the tile number. You will have to complete them to roll the next die.

It should be noted that this information comes from a leak, so it is not 100% confirmed. Even if there is no error in the data, the creators could make another decision at the last moment, as happened with Leafeon and Umbreon. At the moment, everything indicates that Mewtwo will come to Pokemon Unite for free, and we can only hope that this does not change.

When will Mega Mewtwo arrive in Pokemon Unite?

Now we turn to information that is confirmed about the arrival of Mewtwo to Pokemon Unite.

The Legendary Pokemon will join the Aeos squad this coming July 21. The most interesting thing is that it will be able to evolve into Mega Mewtwo X. It has also been confirmed that Mega Mewtwo Y will be released in mid-August with a separate license. This means that they will be practically two different Pokemon.

All his moves, Mega Evolution and more

One of the legendary favorites will soon join the fight with the arrival of Mega Mewtwo X in Pokemon Unite. It will be the first Mega Evolution available in the game, which tells us that others could be on the way besides Mega Mewtwo Y.

Mewtwo needs to get close to attack, being a balanced Pokemon. Attacking other players will fill a Mega Meter under his health bar. Upon completion, it will evolve into Mega Mewtwo X for a short period of time. The transformation grants him stronger ranged basic attacks.

Additionally, as the Mega Meter charges up, Mewtwo gains more Attack, Defense, and Special Defense. Mega Mewtwo Y will instead receive increased Special Attack and Basic Attack Speed.

Regarding the set of movements, these are the ones that were recently leaked:

  • Confusion: Deals damage and stuns.
    • Level 5 » Mind Wave: Deals channeled damage and knocks back.
    • Level 5 » Premonition: Deals damage, knocks back, and stuns.
  • Barrier: Protect Mewtwo for a limited time.
    • Level 7 » teleportation: Immediate teleportation.
    • Level 7 » Recovery: Regenerates health.

At level 9 Mewtwo gets his unite movement (known for now as Infinite Psyburn). It is a bolt of lightning that falls from the sky on all opposing Pokemon on the map regardless of their location. The attack deals area damage and incapacitates them, lowering their Defense stats.

Mewtwo Pokemon Unite

You can see a gameplay below:

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