Microids will publish the next Savage Level tactical RPG on consoles and PC

Microids has announced a collaboration with new French studio Savage Level to publish its tactical RPG that is currently in pre-production on consoles -not specified- and PC, with the intention of launching it in 2024.

The team has been founded by CEO Maxime Josse and Chief Creative Officer Aurelien Josse, and includes industry veterans who have previously worked on projects such as Battlefleet Gothic Armada, the saga Ghost Recon, tell me why and Aliens: Dark Descent.

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“We are excited to combine forces with Savage Level and offer players a completely innovative title,” said Stephane Longeard of Microids. “Our collaboration with this talented studio is a testament to our support of independent developers and in bringing quality gaming experiences to all users. This passionate team came with ambition and a truly incredible project sure to capture the hearts of tactical RPG fans.”

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A collaboration to expand the offer of Microids

Maxime Josse comments with the agreement that the studio aims to create innovative games “in a healthy environment” that encourages creativity. Aurelien Josse assures that working with Microids they will be able to complete the vision of this game of which no details on the subject have been disclosed.

Microids awaits with this game expand its range of medium-budget projects. The publisher has many announced games, a large part with licenses from comics such as Tintin Reporter: Cigars of the Pharaoh and previously they released games of Asterix & Obelix, Garfield Lasagna Party or The Smurfs – Operation Vilfoja. They also prepare Syberia: The World Before on consoles, the peculiar Empire of the Ants either Flashback 2sequel to the cult game that will arrive this year if there are no delays.

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