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Microsoft accuses Sony of lying before the EU, will the purchase of Activision end in court?

We return with one of the most important dramas in the industry, the agreement to acquire Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. This has gone through a large number of situations, being blocked by the FTC, facing regulators from all countries or Microsoft being investigated for antitrust. Throughout more than a year we have been giving updates and now it is time to return, where this time sony is the protagonist, being accused by Microsoft of lied to the EU about Call of Duty and generate even more problems to buy Activision Blizzard.

A few days ago we already warned that changes were going to happen and Microsoft was going to be in trouble again. And it is that, the PlayStation boss spoke to the EU about the Activision Blizzard deal. Given that Sony has been one of the strongest opponents of the Activision acquisition from the beginning, then we fear the worst. After all, Sony arguably was the one that motivated most regulators to investigate Microsoft for antitrust conduct. This assured that if Call of Duty came to Xbox, it would dominate the market and many PlayStation players would go over to the rival side.

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Microsoft accuses Sony of lying about Call of Duty and Activision

Jim Ryan Xbox Game Pass Sony

To calm regulators and Microsoft’s accusations that it would dominate the video game industry, Microsoft decided to make a deal with Sony. If it acquired Activision Blizzard, Microsoft promised that Call of Duty would reach PlayStation for the next 10 years. This should calm down all those who thought it was going to be an Xbox-exclusive franchise, but Sony decided to oppose the deal.

He refused to accept those 10 years and his goal was once again see to it that Microsoft did not buy Activision. We now know that this meeting of the CEO of PlayStation, jim ryan, with EU officials Microsoft has not liked anything. This is reflected when we see that Microsoft accuses Sony of lying to EU regulators about the Activision deal, ensuring that Call of Duty is not coming to PlayStation.

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Microsoft believes that the PlayStation is the leading console on the market

Phil SpencerXboxSony

The accusation of Sony made by Frank X. Shaw, Microsoft’s vice president of communications, is confusing, but it has details worth noting. Like the fact that Shaw himself admits that Sony is the console market leader and it doesn’t make sense that Call of Duty won’t come to PlayStation. This has been pronounced after having ensured that they have done everything they could to convince Sony. According to Microsoft, they have offered the Japanese a fair deal, which will consist of 10 years of content equity, deadlines, quality, gameplay and features on your console. Basically, they promise that in the next 10 years, Call of Duty will come to PlayStation. without any cuts against Xbox.

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Furthermore, this is not the case, as Microsoft counterattacks by informing the CMA that Sony has also permanently blocked you from playing games., leaving them as exclusive. It thus refers to bloodborne, Silent Hill 2 Remaster, final fantasy 16 either Final Fantasy VII Remakeand. While it’s not exactly the same, Microsoft must somehow defend itself against regulators, just as it does by promising that the Activision purchase will be to reach more gamers.

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