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Microsoft and Nintendo sign 10-year commitment to Call of Duty

One of the main concerns of the economic organizations that must approve the purchase of Activision by Microsoft is that having control over call of dutyone of the most popular video game franchises in the world, gives it an unfair advantage in the market. They have even proposed that these titles be left out of the purchase. Seeking to calm the waters, Microsoft sought out Nintendo and together they signed an agreement under which the games of call of duty They would reach the consoles of the Japanese company for at least 10 years.

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This commitment was revealed by Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, through his Twitter account.

According to the signed agreement, the games of call of duty they would arrive on Nintendo consoles the same day as Microsoft’s Xboxes. They must also have the same features and content parity. This, of course, is conditional on the purchase of Activision being effective. It is no coincidence that this announcement is made on the same day that Microsoft must defend the purchase of Activision before the European Union commission. This is one of the three regulators who oppose the transaction.

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Since the intention to make this purchase was announced more than a year ago, the business has been fraught with drama and controversy. From the serious accusations of sexual and workplace harassment at the Activision offices to government agencies literally suing Microsoft to prevent the purchase.

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Would Nintendo’s next console support a new call of duty with the same features as on Xbox platforms? The last title in the saga to appear on a Nintendo console was Ghostswhich came to Wii U in 2013.

Fountain: Brad Smith’s official Twitter account