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Microsoft announces new Xbox Series S with 1TB SDD, coming in September

microsoft announces new xbox series s with 1tb sdd, coming

Microsoft It has introduced a lot of software, but it has also reached out to users looking for new versions of their consoles. He hardwarein the Xbox Showcase, whose full summary is already available, has concluded with a new version of xbox series swhich changes the appearance of the console in white Redmond finish for a finish black carbon similar to that of Xbox Series X. In addition, it increases its capacity to 1TB SSD. The new console will arrive in September for $349just coinciding with the release of Starfieldof which we have seen something else.


An economic console that seeks to increase the capacity of the hard drive and that is added to the Xbox Series family

Microsoft, during his presentation, has confirmed that they are always looking for new ways to increase the Xbox family and give players the possibility to choose the hardware they need for leisure. This is how the new Xbox Series S with 1TB SSD was born, a new version of the existing consolewhich will change its color to that of the older sister of the line, the Xbox Series X.

The console is a version of the Xbox Series S with more storage and a black finish


This console features the same next-generation speed and performance of the S Series. With 512 GB, it is not a machine with internal changes, although it now has twice the storage, an aspect that has been constantly demanded of new machines since almost its launch. The system, of course, is compatible with Microsoft hardware options, such as quick resumeultra-fast load times and gameplay of up to 120FPSall with the technology of Xbox Velocity Architecture. Compatible with subscription service GamePasshow could it be otherwise -we are talking about a console without a disc reader, entirely digital-, arrive on September 1 for a price of $349.99. And it will be available to pre-order worldwide in the coming weeks.

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