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Microsoft announces the definitive closure of the Xbox 360 store

microsoft announces the definitive closure of the xbox 360 store

The closure of the store will not prevent you from continuing to play and download the games already purchased

Microsoft announces the definitive closure of the Xbox 360 store
Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s most popular console to date

Until now, the Xbox 360 store is not only still active, despite being a console from two generations ago, but also maintains a lot of activity among fans of the Microsoft platform for backward compatibility of most of its games with the company’s current consoles. Like those classic Call of Duty that have been put back on the list of the most played. Even so, Microsoft has announced that the xbox 360 store will permanently close its doors in the coming months.

For many, Xbox 360 is the best Microsoft console to date and its time, one of the best generation of the industry, but soon we will have to say goodbye to the possibility of buy new games directly from your digital store*.

Goodbye to the most popular Xbox console

As Microsoft has announced via Xbox Wire, as of July 29, 2024Xbox will no longer support the ability to buy new games, DLC and other entertainment content from the Xbox 360 store on console and on the web. In the same way as the Movies and TV apps from Microsoft will no longer work on Xbox 360.


Despite this closure of the Xbox 360 digital store, Microsoft recalls that will not affect when playing and downloading Xbox 360 games or DLC that have already been purchased in advance. So you have a whole year to get those Xbox 360 games and expansions that you want to keep for posterity.

Without a doubt, the backward compatibility of Xbox consoles has been all a hallmark of the platform for years and has helped gamers continue to acquire and enjoy games that today we could even consider retro due to the time since their original release. Backwards compatibility is quite a hot topic news after the controversial words of Take Two in relation to the new release of Red Dead Redemption.

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