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Microsoft claims PlayStation has a 70% share of the global console market

Microsoft has presented a study that states that PlayStation has a 70% share of the global console market compared to 30% for Xbox. Brad Smith, president of the company, has shared the report during a press conference held last Tuesday, shortly after Microsoft presented its arguments for which it considers that the purchase of Activision Blizzard should be able to be carried out without this implying an impact negative in the capacity to compete of the rest of the companies.

“Think of the market in Europe. It is a market in which Sony has a share of 80%. Globally, it is around 70/30. In Japan, it’s 96/4,” says Smith. “These numbers have been remarkably stable for two decades. Even last year, when there were problems with Sony’s supply chain, they came back with a bang,” he adds. did not provide specific figures for the United Statesthe territory in which Xbox consoles are most successful.

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It should be noted that Microsoft has recently announced a ten-year agreement with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty to its consoles, in addition to another by which it promises to bring Xbox PC games to NVIDIA GeForce Now during the same period. of time.

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Microsoft has not reached an agreement with Sony

“We haven’t reached an agreement with Sony, but I hope we will,” Smith told reporters on Tuesday. “Sony can spend all its energy trying to block this deal or it can sit down with us and come to an agreement that addresses what you say is worrying youmainly access to call of duty in the future,” he added to his comments.