Microsoft confirms the launch of a PS5 Slim in late 2023

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microsoft confirms the launch of a ps5 slim in late

Both Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S have been around since November 2020, so it’s already been over 2 and a half years since their release. It’s been relatively recently that exclusive games have been released for them (like the recent Star Wars) and past generations have begun to be abandoned. This year a new model of PlayStation 5 was expected and precisely Microsoft has delivered a document where they assure that Sony will release a PS5 Slim in late 2023.

As we well know, Microsoft has been involved in the purchase of Activision Blizzard and the conclusion of this was to come to an end shortly. After a year and a half struggling to make this purchase, it has had to face various regulatory bodies and blockades. Sony was one of his worst enemiessince it was the one that began to use call of duty in his defense. This is when Microsoft knew that the Japanese company was going to be one of its main impediments when it came to acquiring Activision.

Microsoft says Sony will launch a PS5 Slim by the end of 2023

PS5 Slim Concept Release Date

A lot of time has passed and the disputes between Microsoft and Sony have not stopped. In the FTC trial where these companies had to hand over the documents and testify, Microsoft handed over one where very interesting information has now been revealed. This document is publicly available and can you take a lookalthough we already anticipate that what interests you is in the page 48. If we go there we will find a Microsoft that mentions how Sony is going to launch a PS5 Slim by the end of the year at a reduced price.

This price refers precisely to the same as the PS5 Digitalwhich was launched by $399 and here in USA we find it for a few 449 euros. Seen, this would be fantastic news, but before we get excited we have to see the full context.

It could refer to the PS5 with removable Blu-Ray reader

PS5 Modular Disc Drive

Microsoft is fighting to get Activision Blizzard and kill all opposition to close the deal. This implies convince the FTC that the purchase is going to be a positive factor for the industry and there will not be that situation of dominance that was feared. In turn, you must stand up against sony, as it is its main rival in the console sector. This is when we can see Microsoft use Sony to compare consoles and business models. This can be seen both ways, both using his Japanese rival to express his greater dominance in the market or mention Xbox as a Better option.

We have seen these types of comparisons constantly throughout everything that happened with Activision Blizzard. That is why, when we read that Sony will launch a PlayStation 5 Slim, we do not know if it is a completely new model or the numerous rumors of Tom Henderson. This was the one who said months ago that Sony will launch a new Thinner and lighter PlayStation 5 with a modular disc drive.

This wasn’t the PS5 Slim gamers wanted, but it would bring a More efficient Oberon SoC and would arrive in September 2023. At the moment we can keep the information from both sources, so in this 2023 we would have a “PS5 Slim” that would be launched at the price of PS5 Digital. We will see if any additional details are provided in the near future before this supposed release.

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