Microsoft considers the Nintendo Switch a portable gaming device and not a console

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microsoft considers the nintendo switch a portable gaming device and

In a recent revelation, it has been discovered that Microsoft sought to draw a distinction between its Xbox and the Nintendo Switch in terms of what defines a “console.” This attempt was accomplished through a change in terminology, where Microsoft attempted to label the Nintendo Switch as a “handheld gaming device” rather than a console.

This information is revealed by the account of a Kotaku editor @ethangach where it shows an email sent by Xbox Head of Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, where he says that the Nintendo Switch is considered a “portable gaming device” instead of a console.

This move came after Ori and the Blind Forest, a game that was previously exclusive to Xbox, came to the Nintendo Switch. Microsoft wanted to present this situation in a way that made their system still look favorable.

Nintendo is also not innocent of similar terminological entanglements. The company has a history of using long titles for games and insisting on mentioning the full names of consoles in promotional material. This adds another layer of complexity to the marketing landscape.

It is still difficult to classify the Nintendo Switch as a console or portable device, since it is actually a hybrid model of both.

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