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Microsoft debuts new color options for the Xbox Elite Series 2 – Xbox

If you were looking for an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, there are now many more colors available in the Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab. Now, the options are 16 for the front and rear parts of the controller12 colors for the ABXY buttons, 17 for the crosshead, the directionals and 25 more palette options for the rest of the parts.

Microsoft’s announcement adds colors such as Garnet Red, Glacier Blue, and Deep Pink and also adds more opaque colors with different black options for the ABXY buttons. Players who want to own a custom Xbox Elite Series 2 can do so through the Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab website.


Xbox Elite Series 2, an option for each

Xbox Announces New Color Options For The Elite Series 2 Controller |  PureXbox

Microsoft presents its collection called Inspired By with different color options of Xbox Elite Series 2 inspired by different games, characters and iconic Xbox franchises. Those from Redmond have even patented a new desEsports Extrasthat includes a touch screen that could be the future of this line.

The least friendly and pleasant part of all this is undoubtedly the price: $149.99. This value includes some extra details such as turn signals with adjustable tension. A few extra peripherals like additional turn signals, pad sets, a charging pack, and even a carrying case can also be added to the purchase.