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Microsoft demonstrates the low impact of Xbox against Sony in the meeting with the European Commission | we are xbox

In Microsoft’s fight to take over Activision Blizzard, the company wants to highlight the low impact of Xbox compared to Sony. The declarations of the different companies with positions against were harmful, but these were diminishing. In an act of supreme understanding of its current situation, Microsoft shot down two of the main theses that were used against it.

First, the agreement made with Nintendo that dictates that Call of Duty and other Xbox games will reach your console was made public. PC is already insured, since Valve fully trusts Microsoft. Then, Given the possible monopoly of gaming services in the cloud, Microsoft signed an agreement with Nvidia, its main competitor in this marketto bring your games to GeForce Now.

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The little impact of Xbox compared to Sony is demonstrated

Demonstrated low impact of Xbox against Sony in many major markets

The first concern of the European Commission revolves around the exclusivity of Call of Duty by Xbox, or worse, cutting the publication on Sony consoles. The presence of this game on Nintendo is an important step, but dealing with the third in discord will be somewhat more complicated.

Microsoft’s strategy was to appeal to the reality of this rivalry in the world’s most important markets. The truth is that the monopoly, if there was a risk of such a thing, is closer to being a reality on the part of Sony. The percentage measures take into account exclusively the market taken by these two companies. In Europe, Sony’s most current consoles represent 80%, while Xbox is reduced to 20%.

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The little impact of Xbox compared to Sony is demonstrated.

Japan, a market in which Microsoft has always struggled to emerge, Sony brings together 96%. A few months ago, at the end of last year, the PlayStation brand surpassed itself with a resounding 69% worldwide. This taking into account the logistical difficulties that Sony has suffered. These numbers have remained unbalanced in favor of the Japanese company since Microsoft decided to enter the video game market two decades ago.

Of course there are markets with a somewhat narrower percentage. It is no coincidence that the most striking absentee market is the United States. In such a small sample of markets, showing one more in favor of Xbox than usual would be moving away from the objective: showing a global computation that always favored Sony.


With Activision Blizzard being part of Xbox, this competition would be somewhat more even.. Shown this reality, in addition to the constant decision by Microsoft to cede Call of Duty to its main competitors, it is expected that Sony will not extend this dispute any further and imitate Nintendo in its actions, accepting the purchase.