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Microsoft Introduces New Xbox Game Pass Friends Referral Program

microsoft introduces new xbox game pass friends referral program

Xbox does not stop surprising us with new proposals to promote the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Now, and after a time without any major news regarding the service, Microsoft presents Xbox Game Pass Friends, a program for Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass users that is available right now.

This initiative consists of sharing a 14-day free trial to people who have never used the service. According to the post on Xbox Wire, we can invite up to 5 friends from the Xbox application on Windows with a button that says “Give PC Game Pass” to share or make Click here to invite your friends via


More initiatives for new Xbox Game Pass players on PC

According to Microsoft’s post, this is an initiative to demonstrate that Xbox is best played with friends, using the example of Redfall, commenting that all games, even launch ones, will be available in this test to play all kinds of games on cooperative.

This program, for now, is only available on PC Game Pass, and if you are a PC player and are interested in bringing friends to the Xbox ecosystem, you can do it totally free and today.


The free trial comes with all the benefits of PC Game Pass, including new titles from Xbox Game Studios from day one, an EA Play membership, and you can check out the biggest PC and mobile games on PC from Riot Games. Link your Riot Games account and your Xbox profile to unlock the best Operators, Champions, Little Legends, XP boosts and more in Valorant , League of Legends , Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra .