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Microsoft is clear: turning Call of Duty into an Xbox exclusive is shooting yourself in the foot

Since microsoft announced that it would pay almost 70,000 million dollars to take over the property of Activision Blizzard, the earthquake of uncertainty has shaken the industry. The latest controversy comes from the company in response to its own Sonyaccusing her of paying studios to prevent her games from being released on Xbox Game Pass.

We are talking about a report published in Brazil that not only deals with this topic, but also allows us to read Microsoft’s opinion about the exclusivity of Call of Duty. Although the division directed by Phil Spencer indicated that such a scenario will not happen, Sony assures that we are facing a threat to the video game market.

When Buzz Lightyear, The Lion King and Tarzan had their own Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Xbox has stood firm in this regard and has decided to put on the table the arguments for which it considers that making the Call of Duty saga exclusive is a huge mistake. Extending this thought to any game that Microsoft will obtain with the purchase of Activision Blizzard, the company points out that profitability would go to hell.

The company would lose all current sales as a result of Call of Duty is available on other systems such as PlayStation. To compensate for these losses, all those players would have to be attracted to the Xbox ecosystem and get the income from direct sales on the rest of the platforms.

In this way, the potential exclusivity is not a good deal for Microsoft. In addition, the company reiterates that, if it were to do so, there would be no competitive impact on the industry, so the idea has been completely scrapped.


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