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Microsoft is committed to optimizing Call of Duty for PlayStation if necessary

Microsoft has suggested that it would make full use of the features of PlayStation consoles when releasing Call of Duty games for PlayStation, should its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard go through.

In its latest response to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Microsoft claims that it will not only ensure full feature parity on PlayStation consoles, but versions on Sony systems may have more features than on Xbox. .


The most notable example of this is the use of haptic feedback on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, something not offered with the Xbox Series X/S controller.

Microsoft’s response implies that any future Call of Duty games released on PlayStation consoles would still include that feature, even if they made the PlayStation version superior.

“The parties note, in particular, that there is no basis in the Interim Findings for what would essentially amount to a “beyond parity” obligation, which requires Microsoft to develop a PlayStation version of CoD that has more features than the previous version. Xbox”the company writes.


He goes on to explain that the concern raised by Sony is that a PlayStation version of Call of Duty published by Microsoft could cause the Xbox company to include “fewer features” either “degrading graphic quality”, but claims that he is actually at Microsoft. best interests to release the best version of the game that he can so that more people buy it.

“As Microsoft will ship CoD on PlayStation in accordance with its repair commitments [redactado], Microsoft will have every incentive to develop games with optimized support for PS5 features such as haptics and future consoles to maximize sales on the platform. ”, he claimed.

Sony claimed earlier this month that Microsoft could release degraded or even buggy versions of Call of Duty games on PlayStation consoles if it acquired Activision Blizzard.