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Microsoft is experimenting with the OpenAI AI model in Minecraft

If a few hours ago we talked about what Microsoft will bring AI to Windows 11to its office suite of Office, and it has even been installed in the Edge web browser and its Bing search engine, now its next “victim” it will be minecraft itself. In said article we commented that all these movements were just the tip of the iceberg, and now we see how the company is even thinking about games to take advantage of. investment of 10,000 million dollars you did in OpenAI.

Minecraft is in essence, the best selling game in history. It is estimated that it is around 240 million copies sold, so bringing AI to this game will be an unprecedented milestone for both the company and the Artificial Intelligence industry. Now Microsoft and Mojang Studios are reportedly experimenting with ways to use AI to make Minecraft more more accessible.


A version of Minecraft with OpenAI technology will greatly facilitate its gameplay

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As you have seen, this is a demonstration of what we can find. It reveals to us that Minecraft players are capable of to generate custom buildslocations and even NPCs using a natural language in minecraft command lines. This makes it clear how AI can simplify the complicated processes for advanced crafting in minecraft. And even for simple commands like teleportation.


In essence, this will make it possible to build Pharaonic buildings effortlessly. Until now, entire worlds have been seen chiselled by hand, something that takes months of timeand that now you can simplify to a single line of text. In this way we only have to say what we want to have it. This will also greatly facilitate creating private serversnot to mention the typical series of content creators, where they spend months designing a custom world to fit the required theme.

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Microsoft is getting the most out of its investment in OpenAI

Minecraft AI YouTube OpenAI

The technology uses the OpenAI platform, although not with the same advanced Prometheus layer that is being used in the Bing web browser and Microsoft Edge browser. Instead, Mojang Studios and Microsoft are experimenting with integrating Github Copilota cloud-based AI program that aims to help developers and programmers to autocomplete code under certain conditions. AI is able to consolidate complex Minecraft code interpreting orders of the players and running them in real time. In time, it might even understand voice commands of the players.


The demo seen shows how it works, still in an early stage of development. Despite this, it manages to transfer what is sought, which is an AI that will help Minecraft players and creators to skip the use of codes and variables that make up the foundation of the game. There is no definitive indication that Microsoft actually intends to implement Copilot in Minecraft. But it’s clear that the company is determined to experiment with every possible way to use AI to improve its products. If it works as the company wants, there is no reason to think that this integration will eventually take place.

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In this way, we can practically affirm that Microsoft is going to bring Artificial Intelligence to each of its products. these first steps will change in the future of gaming. Can you imagine a mods that is simply an AI? You have a game, an AI, and ask it to do whatever you want in your game and make it happen. Given how this field is progressing, it is not surprising that we will see something like this in the future. Even expect games that all their theme revolves around achieving milestones through AI.


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