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Microsoft is planning to include ads on Bing with ChatGPT

For weeks now, Microsoft has shown great interest in implementing AI in its programs. Specifically, we are talking about ChatGPT, which was implemented in the Bing web search engine. As soon as the existence of a preliminary version was announced, more than a million users registered in just 48 hours. This has shown to Microsoft that his idea of ​​implementing the AI ChatGPT on Bing is a success and you have to seize the moment, so is already planning to include ads.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI, the creators of the popular ChatGPT. Until recently we could only access this chatbot through the web, but Microsoft decided that we were going to have a similar implementation in their programs. Here we could see some examples of this AI in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. This is where we saw that through Artificial Intelligence we could generate email responses choosing the tone, format and length. Even so, the best implementation of this AI is undoubtedly in the Bing search engine, since here we will answer any questions we havewill look for information on the Internet and tell us where it came from.

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Bing has ChatGPT for nothing and Microsoft already wants to put ads

Microsoft Bing AI ChatGPT users

Chatbots like ChatGPT have shown that they can become very popular in a short time. This AI has been praised for being able to solve doubts much more efficiently than any other method. When Microsoft announced that we would have a similar Artificial Intelligence in its Bing search engine, then it all made sense. And it is that, this system annihilates the traditional one such as the Google search engine. Through Google we find quick results if our searches are limited to a few words. But if we really do more complex search or we want an answer to a very specific questionSo we better give up.

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This is the AI potential like ChatGPT and the fact that Bing has it implemented is what has made millions of people willing to use it before Google. Microsoft has a large market in the palm of its hand and for profithas decided to start negotiate with advertising agencies. The idea is to implement ads on Bing with the AI ​​ChatGPT and although they are still in the early stages, it is expected that the advertising appears even in the links that the chatbot quotes in the answers.

Microsoft limits chat with Bing’s AI: 50 questions a day

Microsoft Chat GPT

AI monetization like ChatGPT on Bing is critical for Microsoft, as is fixing certain issues. And it is that, the chatbot does not work too well if we have long conversations with the. In fact, several users have already shown that after asking dozens of questions, the AI responses are erratic. That is why Microsoft has decided to fix this problem through the fastest solution of all, limit it.

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So we will no longer be able to freely chat with the Bing AI, but will be limited to just 5 chat shifts per topic and 50 chat shifts per day. To give us an idea, Microsoft considers turns as a question and answer session with the Bing AI. So this would mean that we have a maximum of 5 messages per question. Considering that most users find the answer before this, it doesn’t seem like a big drawback. The other limit is to impose 50 chat sessions per daysomething that for many is more than enough.

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