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Microsoft planned to be more aggressive against PlayStation against Brussels, but changed plans | we are xbox

This same week one of the most important meetings regarding the future of the purchase of Activision Blizzard took place, since Microsoft and Sony met in Brussels before the European Commission to discuss several of the issues that could dictate the future of the acquisition. Although the most relevant thing took place after the meeting was over, where those from Redmond announced the agreement reached with Nvidia and some information that reinforces their position on this matter.

During the press conference, in addition to showing the data that showed the low impact of Xbox compared to Sony, Microsoft planned to be more aggressive against PlayStationas expressed Tom Warren through his Twitter account, where he shared an image showing the abysmal difference that existed between exclusive PlayStation and Xbox games.

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Microsoft planned to be more aggressive against PlayStation before Brussels, but changed plans

Microsoft planned to be more aggressive against PlayStation with this data

As we can see, Microsoft had one more comparison prepared, in addition to the one that showed the difference with the market share that both one company and another had, which was favorable for Sony with 80%. However, the most prominent data that Redmond wanted to use against the European Commission was related to the exclusive games of one company and another.

According According to the data that Brad Smith, the current president of Microsoft, was going to present, the market situation was clearly favorable for PlayStation, which surpasses Xbox in exclusives by data that is multiplied by 5 in the case of the Japanese company. Specifically, PlayStation has 286 exclusives (we imagine that temporary exclusives are also referred to), while Xbox “only” had 59 exclusive games.

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Be that as it may, it seems that Microsoft planned to be more aggressive against PlayStation, although it finally decided to back down, without really knowing what the reason was. What is clear is that the company will continue to defend their interests to try to make the purchase of Activision Blizzard come to fruition.