Microsoft plans to expand the Xbox Design Lab so you can design your own console

microsoft plans to expand the xbox design lab so you

Tom Henry

Microsoft plans to expand the Xbox Design Lab so you can design your own console

Soon you could buy an Xbox console with the colors and designs you want to create.

Microsoft plans to expand the Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab so you can desEsports Extrasyour own console
Promotional image of the Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab

Along with that new version of Xbox Series new controller with haptic vibration, the largest leak that Microsoft has suffered in years due to the FTC would also have revealed a very curious detail about the company’s roadmap. Those from Redmond would already be considering the possibility of giving the players the option of desEsports Extrasyour own console through the Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLabjust as you can currently do with the controls.

That is, the possibility of choose the color of your console, with patterns, materials, personalized inscriptions, etc. It would be a unique initiative in the industry that would respond to that large part of the community that asks new ways of customizationlike the new cases for Xbox Series

New ways to personalize your Xbox

In this same document leaked by the FTC where the plans for the “mid-gen” Xbox are detailed (via The Verge), apart from all the plans and projects known so far, the Uther projectwhich would give players the option of customize your own consoles through the Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab.

At the moment, it is located in the middle part of the pyramid of Microsoft goals for 2030in the section “currently not obtained/funded”but we must also keep in mind that this presentation is mid of last year 2022so there may have been some change of plans since then, either for better or worse.

This FTC leak represents a very hard blow to Microsoft’s medium and long-term strategy, since it has also shared the first details of your next generation console, a hybrid console that promises to revolutionize the industry. Although in the past we already saw how they came up with the idea of ​​innovating too much.

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