Microsoft pulls some Windows 10 updates by ClickOnce

microsoft pulls some windows 10 updates by clickonce

Tom Henry

Microsoft pulls some Windows 10 updates by ClickOnce

Today it seems that it goes from detected failures to alleviate, because to what we have talked about AMD now Microsoft is added, for other different issues, but that it also has to be alleviating to correct a series of errors in Windows 10. And it is that the company has confirmed that due to the “fault” of ClickOnce is having to remove certain updates from your OS most used and release patches to fix everything done. What do we have to do? Well, it’s the most curious thing: NOTHING. This is how Microsoft will pull updates with ClickOnce.

And it is that way, you do not have to do anything, absolutely nothing, something that we will see later and that surely has made you raise your eyebrows. The problem lies with ClickOnce and it’s not something serious, but it is annoying, especially for those who can’t restart their PC whenever they want. Therefore, Microsoft has taken action and explains the problem at the same time as giving the solution.

ClickOnce and Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the issues after the KB5028244 update

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Well yes, according to the Microsoft blog the update from just 4 days ago, which was still reaching certain PCs with denomination KB5028244as well as the later ones that are installed after this one, are causing a rather curious problem.

And it is that according to Microsoft itself, “After installing KB5028244 or later updates, apps that were deployed with ClickOnce may start prompting to install even when ClickOnce apps are already installed and marked as “trusted”.

Here are two possible solutions, one definitive and that we can do ourselves, and another that Microsoft will do on its own and without our help. The first is to manually uninstall the affected ClickOnce applications and reinstall them.

The second is perhaps the best, since something comes into play that many will not know and which is called KIR (Known Issue Rollback)a new capability that can return an affected device to productive use if, for whatever reason, there is a problem with a Windows update.

Microsoft makes it all automatic: it creates the problem, yes, but it also fixes it with KIR


The good thing about KIR as a system is that Microsoft, without our help and just by having the PC turned on and connected to the Internet, solves the problem and restores the PC to the state it was in before the patches that affected the computer were installed. , hence the Rollback.

The method being used is that of KIR, since the same August 14 where the update was released was replaced by this Rollback with a version without errors. The only bad thing about KIR is that it is not instant. Likewise, the affected versions are the following:

Microsoft claims that it can take up to 24 hours to complete the steps and fix the problem on each PC, but that’s still a fair amount of time considering how many millions of PCs there are in the world. Therefore, if you suffer any of these problems described, you can solve them manually or calmly wait for Microsoft to do its job well, even if it is the second time.

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