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Microsoft Teams Malfunction – Can the problems be solved?

There are currently problems with Microsoft Teams. How long has Teams been down and is there any current information about the disruption?


Anyone who currently wants to use teams is confronted with a whole range of problems:

  • disconnections
  • Voices that sound like a robot
  • Messages or sent images do not load

A number of users are affected by the problems (via There was also a bit of chaos in our editorial office early in the morning because people couldn’t hear or see each other.

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What can you do about the problems? Currently the problems seem to lie with Microsoft and the servers. The following tips have helped us and some colleagues:

  • In some cases it helps to restart your client on the PC and then reconnect to the server.
  • Some colleagues were better able to connect to Teams on their cell phone or mobile device, allowing them to attend conferences or other appointments.
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Another recommendation from Microsoft itself is to teach the Teams cache: First close Microsoft Teams, this is done using the icon in the taskbar at the bottom right. Next, select the following location and paste it into File Explorer: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams. There you delete the entire contents of the folder. Then you start teams again as usual and log in again with your user data.

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Otherwise, the most important thing at the moment is: be patient and wait for the problems on the server side to be resolved and for the connections to work properly again.


We will keep you up to date on how the problems and disruptions related to Microsoft Teams are progressing.

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