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Microsoft: The agreement signed with Nintendo only contemplates bringing Call of Duty to their consoles

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, has clarified the message he published a few days ago announcing the signing of the agreement to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo consoles as one of his arguments to facilitate the acquisition of Activision Blizzard: in the original text indicated that he would commit to “release Xbox games to Nintendo users in 10 years”, but logically, he was referring only to the saga shooter.


The original Twitter message, which has since been deleted, caused some confusion among players because could also be interpreted as launching more sagassimilar to the agreement that he announced with Nvidia and that does include all Xbox games -on PC- for GeForce Now, the cloud gaming service.

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We want the message to be clear and to address any misunderstandings. I am delighted to republish this statement and affirm the strong commitment to bring call of duty to Nintendo customers if our acquisition of Activision Blizzard is approved by the agencies,” says Smith. Call of Duty: Ghosts of 2013 it was the last game in the saga for a Nintendo platform, the Wii U.

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Sony has not signed the agreement

At the moment Sony maintains its position regarding the purchase. Smith recalled that the offer made by Microsoft, to carry call of duty to PlayStation for a decade, is more beneficial to Sony than it currently is with Activision Blizzard -and that includes exclusive bonuses and marketing rights- lose its validity next year.

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Another of the proposals that Microsoft has offered is the possibility of including the saga in the PS Plus subscription as a measure to reduce criticism of the competition problems that would entail a success as call of duty to Xbox Game Pass.


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