Microsoft was interested in buying Nintendo or Valve

microsoft was interested in buying nintendo or valve

Tom Henry

Microsoft was interested in buying Nintendo or Valve

More leaked documents around the US Federal Trade Commission and Microsoft, reveal that Xbox boss Phil Spencer wanted buy from Nintendo or Valve itself. The leak of these documents is giving a lot of talk, since it was revealed when the next generation Xbox consolesThe Elder Scroll VI, and now possible acquisitions, and future releases, linked to Microsoft are being seen.

The latest leaked data reveals an email from Phil Spencer to the marketing director of Microsoft. Sent in 2020, this email between Microsoft executives discussed buy from nintendo. Together with the executive vice president of the consumer business, it was concluded that Nintendo was “sitting on a big pile of cash“This implied that buying Nintendo would be complicated, thus thinking about making relatively simpler purchases such as Zenimax, Warner Bros Games or Valve.

Microsoft thought about buying Nintendo, Zenimax, Warner Bros. and Valve

Microsoft bought Bethesda, but Nintendo, Valve or Warner Bros. were also in its plans

Three years later, we can at least confirm that Microsoft formalized one of these acquisitions, Zenimax. It must be remembered that ZeniMax is the parent company of id Software, Bethesda Softworks or Arkane Studios. Although of course, these studios now belong to the parent company Xbox Game Studios.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that true information resurfaces that Microsoft was really trying to buy Warner Bros. Games. It is also striking that Microsoft was also interested in acquiring Valve. Perhaps if an acquisition of this type is formalized, we would finally see a Half-Life 3 in the future.

Regarding Nintendo, in the same email, the head of Xbox at Microsoft also stated that the acquisition would be good for both Microsoft and Nintendosince the future of Nintendo “relies on its own hardware“.

“I have had numerous conversations with Nintendo’s LT about closer collaboration and I feel that if any American company would have a change with Nintendo we are probably in the best position. The unfortunate (or fortunate for Nintendo) situation is that Nintendo is sitting on a big mountain of cash.”

“At some point, getting Nintendo would be a career moment and I honestly think a good move for both companies. It’s just taking a long time for Nintendo to see that its future lies in its own hardware. A long time….”

These documents also leak future game releases

exclusive Xbox and PC games for 2014 and 2015 leaked by FTC

These documents also leave future exclusive Xbox and PC releases up in the air. As you can see, there is talk that in fiscal year 2024, which ends in 2025, we could finally meet The Elder Scrolls VI. It talks about a Fallout 3 Remastera DisHonored 3, a new IP, or a free to play or mobile game.

You have to remember that these are official FTC documents, so they are not rumors, it is information provided by Microsoft itself. That is why even the Xbox Series X Refresh that we saw a few minutes ago, was also leaked thanks to these documents.

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