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A post on nilOggier’s Twitter account suggests that new rumors on Xboxera point to Microsoft being interested in acquiring Paradox Interactive. This publication comes at a crucial time for Microsoft, which is still embroiled in the battle to buy Activision Blizzard, which seems to be getting closer to completion. For those who don’t know Paradox, is a study specialized in strategy games which has such iconic sagas as Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings behind it.

Interest in this study is logical for nilOggierwho comments that some of the studio’s games are already on PC Game Pass, so this move wouldn’t be strange at all and it would clearly benefit Microsoft in its efforts to further enhance its ability to create video games. Although there are many users who are very skeptical, this could be great news for lovers of real-time strategy games.

Microsoft would be interested in acquiring Paradox Interactive

As we have already mentioned above, the relationship between Paradox Interactive and Microsoft is very good, and several games are already on PC Game Pass, something that would make this acquisition much easier if it were true. In the same way, nilOggier himself, in one of the responses to the original tweet, recalls that In addition to all their own IPs, they have the rights to the World of Darkness saga (Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines)so not only could we see the rest of the Paradox games on PC Game Pass, but the doors are open to new titles.

In this way, Microsoft could continue expanding its presence in the world of video games, acquiring a new study, which also, He is a specialist in one of the most difficult genres to cover.seeing how, together with Age of Empires, would leave Xbox and its studios as a clear reference in real-time strategy games. Be that as it may, we will continue to await this information, and if more information is confirmed or known, we will return to the load so that you do not miss anything.

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