Microsoft would have invented an artificial intelligence that plays Minecraft for you

The artificial intelligence it is being applied to more and more peculiar things, from flying combat planes to designing levels of Super Mario Bros.and now we have learned of another use that has to do with the video game sector: according to sources close to the company, Microsoft could have developed an AI that plays Minecraft for us.

This system would have been shown internally, according to sources consulted by Semafor, and would allow players perform tasks in Minecraft without having to carry them out manually. The article talks about basic actions such as moving the character or digging into the terrain, but it also anticipates other more interesting uses, such as ask him to build a car without specifying how exactly it has to do it, so the AI ​​could find its own methods to carry out that task.

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The possibilities of this AI: play Minecraft with the voice

With this system, a person could play Minecraft simply entering phrases or commands and letting artificial intelligence carry out the actions. From Semafor they point to a very useful possible use for people with functional diversity: this AI may allow to play with the voice, understanding our phrases and converting them into an action within the game. Of course, this technology has not yet been officially presented by Microsoft, but has been leaked through sources close to the company that, in addition, ensure that at the moment there are no plans to introduce it in the commercial version of Microsoft. Minecraftgiven that It was an internal experiment.

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Minecraft is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch, iOS and Android, as well as other platforms. You will soon receive an archeology system in your 1.20 update.

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