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Microsoft would profit from making Activision’s content exclusive to Game Pass

Concerns regarding the acquisition of Activision/Blizzard are mounting, according to the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). And it may be seen that these reservations are not wholly misplaced.

Out of recent records, it can be seen that they looked at the Microsoft and Bethesda agreement, which fell short of prior commitments. Thus, Starfield, for instance, was designated an exclusive right away, and The Elder Scrolls VI will likely follow suit in the future. Furthermore, third parties would have stressed how delivering content in Game Pass will undoubtedly be advantageous for Microsoft. Microsoft, meanwhile, frequently expresses the contrary.

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“According to third parties who spoke with the CMA, “Microsoft would profit from making Activision’s content exclusive to Game Pass and that this would be consistent with Microsoft’s conduct with respect to previous acquisitions, including that of ZeniMax Media, in which Microsoft was unable to fulfil commitments to keep Bethesda content accessible across multiple stores and platforms.”

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Competitors of Game Pass of PlayStation Plus

Additionally, it is stated that Game Pass’s rivals, such as PlayStation Plus, won’t be as well-known and high-quality, giving Microsoft a distinct advantage. For rivals like Sony, the acquisition of Activision/Blizzard would only make things worse.


“Most Game Pass rivals lack the recognition and breadth of material that Game Pass would possess following the merger. Given the significance of Activision’s material, foreclosure tactics utilizing this property may have an impact on both current and potential competitors.”

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The CMA has postponed the acquisition’s final approval until 2023 due to these worries. The EU authorities are planning a more thorough investigation but would like to make a judgement by November at the latest. However, Sony is doing all in its power to thwart this agreement because it anticipates significant negative effects for PlayStation.