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Microsoft would sell Xbox if Activision buyout doesn’t go through, analysts say

The never-ending story of today is the acquisition Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. The Redmond guys want to buy Activision Blizzard for the sum of 68.7 million dollars. Both the shareholders and a large part of the players want the deal to go through because it would benefit everyone. However, regulatory institutions like the FTC, CMA and the European Commission are looking closely at the deal, because Sony considers it to be a monopoly move.

Industry analysts and video game media owners believe that if the purchase is not carried out, Microsoft would sell the Xbox branch. Andy Robinson, CEO of the Video Game chronicle, believes Microsoft could sell the Xbox gaming division if the deal doesn’t go through, according to his sources.


“Regardless of Spencer’s words, I know many industry insiders think that MS selling Xbox is a genuine possibility if this crashes (I still hope they go ahead with concessions).

Capitalism has shown time and again that conventional logic doesn’t really matter much if the graph doesn’t point far enough.


I don’t expect it to happen, but I can say with authority that some important people do.

For his part, Tom Warren refuted this statement by stating that you do not buy several game companies if you are going to sell at the first exchange. And it makes sense, from a strategic point of view.

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I’m not sure who these industry experts are, but they are clearly clueless. You don’t strategically acquire Mojang and Bethesda and form a gaming division of Microsoft if it’s going to sell the Xbox business if its mammoth $69 billion deal doesn’t go through.

Although journalists do not reveal their sources, the “important people” group is likely to be a mix of game analysts and others with higher-level knowledge of the industry. Although Robinson is not the source of the reports, she is only reporting what she has heard.

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Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer has said that Xbox will eventually become “unsustainable” without more mobile content, and that the Activision-Blizzard merger would perfectly solve Xbox’s diminished presence on the mobile platform.

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What is certain is that a company is not going to undertake a series of purchases of studies in the sector to sell if one of the purchases fails. Only time will tell.