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Mile High Taxi merges Crazy Taxi with The Fifth Element in an amazing arcade

Crazy Taxi is one of the driving arcades most remembered by lovers of arcade games, and although it has had several relaunches and clones, we assure you that none is as unique as the indie of which we have come to speak to you today: it is called Mile High Taxi and reinterprets the classic formula of the SEGA game from a futuristic point of view that resembles the movie The fifth elementsince it moves the action to a city cyberpunk of endless skyscrapers and flying cars.

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Mile High Taxi it’s a game developed by one personCassius John-Adams, who, after having worked on it for three years, is now ready to put it up for sale: the next March 13 to PC through Steam, a store where it is already possible to add it to the wish list. Under these lines you can see the trailer with which its release date has been announced.

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how to play Mile High Taxi?

Playably we can expect just what it promises: a Crazy Taxi with flying cars. Have three game modesyes, a normal one in which we only have to pick up and deliver passengers as quickly as possible, another based on challenges that increase in difficulty and a last free mode that will allow us to explore the city without objectives, thus discovering shortcuts that we can take advantage of. later.

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Mile High Taxi coming to PC on March 13. Its release on other platforms has not been confirmed. At the end of this news you can see a gallery with new images of the project.

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