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Minecraft Announces “Camp Enderwood” Creator Series Toy Collection and Free Adventure DLC from Mattel

Minecraft, in collaboration with Mattel, today announced the release of the Minecraft Creator Series Camp Enderwood, featuring a new collection of toys and adventure DLC available for free download on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Camp Enderwood, a digital in-game destination developed by Minecraft, Mattel and Cyclone Designs, features an all-new downloadable map filled with unique mini-games and camp-inspired activities like roasting marshmallows, crafts, horseback riding, archery, trampoline and quest for the treasure. The Minecraft community will also be on their toes with spooky surprises around every corner.

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The new DLC adventure launches alongside a bespoke toyline featuring characters, accessories, and more from the Camp Enderwood. The downloadable content celebrates player self-expression in the context of Minecraft with a new collection that allows fans to recreate the essence of their favorite characters, bringing them to life in toy form. Figures represent a variety of clothing styles, skin tones, and gender expressions to represent the diversity and inclusion present in the Minecraft community.

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