Minecraft: details and official name of update 1.20

We had already talked a bit about the long-awaited 2023 update of one of the most popular games in the world. We saw how will the ‘mob’ Sniffer and the new archeology mechanics be?but we want to know more. Mojang finally revealed the name of the 1.20 update of Minecraft: ‘Trails and Tales’ and we’ll tell you what we know about your date or when it’s coming out. We still do not know the official name in Latin American Spanish, but the direct translation would be something like “Trails and stories”.

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If you want to see for yourself the ‘Minecraft Weekly’ presentation that quite humorously revealed this name, you can do so below.

The name of the update 1.20 ‘Trails and Tales’ (‘Trails and stories’) was revealed by Agnes Larsson, director of Minecraft ‘Vanilla’. According to her, the name was chosen because this update will be about players expressing themselves through storytelling, world building, and it’s the paths of our journey that tie it all together.

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When is the 1.20 ‘Trails and Tales’ update coming out? Minecraft?

In the presentation they did not reveal the release date of this new version. However, everything indicates that could arrive the second quarter of 2023.

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Mojang has finally revealed the name of Minecraft: Trails and Tales update 1.20, and we'll tell you what we know about its date or when it comes out.

Keep in mind that this data is not official and is based on the dates when big updates usually arrive in the game.

What content will it have?

Among the items revealed so far are:

  • New mob: Sniffer
  • New Biome: Fields of Cherry Trees
  • New Mechanic: Archeology
  • New Tool: Brush
  • Armor decorations for all versions
  • And more…

Source: official game channel on YouTube