Minecraft Legends gets a big update with a long-awaited feature

minecraft legends gets a big update with a long awaited feature

Tom Henry

Minecraft Legends gets a big update with a long-awaited feature

The game has received a large number of improvements.

Minecraft Legends gets a big update with a long-awaited feature
Minecraft Legends is the most recent title published by Mojang

Mojang has released the Minecraft Legends update largest to date, which includes numerous changes and improvements. With this update a new function has arrived to the game, that of pet the animals. This functionality, which has gained popularity on social networks in recent years, has been included in the Minecraft spin-off along with many others.

The biggest update for Minecraft Legends

All animals will show a unique reaction when petted, but aside from this new feature, the game has added a lot of news. A new role system has been included, which players will be able to select before starting the game. These new roles are:

  • Builder
  • Explorer
  • Fighter
  • piglin hunter
  • Flexible

Communication in PvP has been improved with the inclusion of an increased number of markers for the in-game map, which will also be displayed in in-game chat: attack, defend, muster, and default. Players can also communicate when placing structures. The other players may agree, disagree, or suggest an alternative.

Among the novelties, in addition, have been included two experimental modes, the custom campaEsports Extrasand the custom versus. In both modes, players will be able to modify in-game values ​​such as gravity, map size, player character stats, tools, starting game resources, and piglins. On the Mojang website, the developers have made it clear that they will include more adjustments in the future.

Additionally, Mojang has included “auto lure”, which causes monsters to automatically follow the player. There have also been improvements to the game’s prologue, improvements to creeper behavior, resource visibility, banner view, PvP rewards, UI, and game HUD. Finally, it has been included a new lost legend called The Crucible.

Our opinion of Minecraft Legends

In our review of Minecraft Legends, we found the game to be fun, accessible yet challenging, and ultimately a very round game that more than fulfills its mission. For us, the game is one of the best Minecraft spin-offs, which you can read our guide about.

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