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Minecraft receives the 1.20 update and promises to revolutionize the game with these additions

The latest Minecraft update includes a spectator mode, which will completely change the gameplay of the sandbox.


Minecraft is a sandbox known primarily for have almost infinite creative potential, which attracts the attention of millions of gamers around the world. In this sense, the immense wave of projects and constructions does not seem to have an end soon. On the contrary, on the Internet we have more and more examples of talent and dedication from the extensive player base.

Fortunately, many of these projects are within the reach of their very curious public, especially because there are some that are downloadable and any user can have it with just one click. So if you are interested in exploring other players’ servers or having the map on your device, you have many options to choose from.


In addition, you can consider that within all these impressive constructions to which thousands of users have access, they can inspire many fans to make their own creations and share them with the gaming community. And this is also part of what makes Minecraft so entertaining for its players. But what brings us here today are not precisely these projects, but the game has promised an update which will greatly change the mechanics of minecraft.

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Updates are important too

Being one of the games that have been adapting the most to popular culture in recent years, it is logical that its developers are constantly making updates. In this sense, the changes that Minecraft has had are quite evident in relation to its initial version or, rather, during its first years of release. From its expansive biomes to new features, the game always finds a way to wow its fans through its distinctive aesthetics.

Of course, the updates allow not only the open world game to have more options within its interface for those who use one of its most enjoyable and popular modes: creative; It also allows you to fix the errors that have arisen with these modifications. So Mojang is very clear when it comes to improving the sandbox. And in your last update there are many elements that will be quite useful to you to the block game. Keep reading to find out the most relevant details.


The new Minecraft update will bring a spectator mode.

This Minecraft update includes a new mode

Perhaps the title will serve as background to understand what it includes the new minecraft updatehowever, we explain what it consists of and how it will improve this great game.

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First, update 1.20 will introduce a spectator mode in the game. This means that for those who use touch controls, there will be changes to the control systems that will make it easier to use on different devices. To better understand, its use will be as follows: Once cheats are enabled, players will be able to activate spectator mode through personal game mode (which can be found in world settings).


After having activated this new mode XP, Shortcut, Armor, Hunger, or Health will not disappearnor will the player’s inventory be modified (although they will not be able to access it or interact with chests or ovens).

Nevertheless, Spectators will always be flying and can pass through blocks or any solid object without being damaged or falling. In fact, they won’t be affected by anything around them at all (including mobs and other players, since they can’t be seen by them). Additionally, players will not have to sleep through the night and will always appear as a transparent entity that floats across the maps.

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Judging from the features of this new game mode, players will have the ability to explore multiple biomes without being attacked by other players or surprised by mobs. So it will surely appeal to those who they just want to observeas its name says, both what other players do and visit any place without being bothered by some player who wants to annihilate them for pleasure.


On the other hand, although it is not the only modification that this update will bring with it, it does seem to be the most interesting for its fans. But it should be made clear that there will be a new cast of character skins by default, being Sunny, Kai, Makena, Steve, Alex, Zuri, Efe, Ari and Noor who will arrive in Minecraft; touch controls can be replaced by simply touching to have interactions; multiple bugs will be fixed; among many other novelties.


New characters released by Minecraft.


If you want to know more, you can consult the entire official information of this new update on the Minecraft page by clicking this link.