Minecraft Trails and Tales is the official name of the update 1.20 | we are xbox

At last from Mojang they dare to present the 1.20 update formally, with their own name. Minecraft Trails and Tales is the official name that will conglomerate all the news of an update that aims to be one of the most groundbreaking for Minecraft.

Seeing the official name of the update, it would not be crazy to assume that they would give a more concrete date. The truth is that this did not happen. end of 2023 remains the vague date attached to the expected Minecraft update. This is what they showed us.

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Minecraft Trails and Tales is the official name of all the content that will arrive sooner rather than later

Thanks to the latest video from the Minecraft channel we know that Minecraft Trails and Tales is the official name of the 1.20 update. This video reiterates all the main content that will arrive at the end of the year, which will serve to give a certain meaning to the chosen name. He also reminded us of the existence of Minecraft Legends, which will also be a big bet for Mojang.

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The information that is relevant is best collected by the official Minecraft blog, where they start with the relevance of the name in this and the previous big updates. The name represents the expression of each one through the stories you live, the ancient secrets you unearth, and your mark on the world. The other part, that of the trip, is nourished with new ways of traveling the world and new places to visit.

The most relevant content of the update has already been presented, and some generate much more expectation than others. For example, the Sniffer is an extremely rare mob, which promises to be a relevant novelty. Then there’s the new cherry blossom biome, a new place to explore. On the other hand, the implementation of archaeology, in theory, looks like a mechanical poor and insufficient.