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Mini Guide: How to get a good economy in Hogwarts Legacy

Getting a good economy in some games can be difficult, since we have to invest a lot of time to get everything we want. Hogwarts Legacy is not far behind, and as an open world video game, the role of money is essential to expand our magical heritage. The good thing about all this is that there are little tricks or little special mechanics that will help you collect the greatest number of coins.
In this guide you will find some that will be very useful.

Perform side missions

The first of them, quite obvious, is the realization of the greatest number of secondary missions that are presented to you during the exploration of the different locations of the world of Hogwarts Legacy. This, however, involves a large investment of time. A little trick that can help you is to carry out secondary missions that have gold coins as a reward, which will normally be about 300 galleons. All you have to do is look at the description that will tell you if you will get gold galleons for doing it.

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Hogwarts Legacy

go in search of treasures

As you go exploring the different locations of the campaign, side missions or the open world, you will discover hidden treasures; bags, sacks and chests, both normal and chests with eyes ( These treasures will give you quite interesting amounts of coins, although not as succulent as the (rare) chests with an eye, which will give you a total of 500 galleons.

selling fantastic beasts

One of the main activities that will give you a very good economy is the purchase and sale of fantastic animals. For this you will need an object called Trincasaco that will allow you to capture animals. You can get this with the help of the house goblin Deekin the Room of Requirement.

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The use of this object is very simple. You only have to locate on the map the symbols that represent a group of animals.
The truth is that not all beasts are easy to hunt, but there are some in particular that are more feasible. These animals are the mooncalf and the puffskein. They are quite easy to hunt and you will have the same reward as if you hunt something more difficult, like hippogriffs or unicorns. Once they are captured, visit the store Feather and Fur in Hogsmeade to sell them for 120 coins each.

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Hogwarts Legacy

Sell ​​your disused mage equipment

Finally, a very smart way to earn money is by clearing your equipment inventory and selling items you don’t need. During the explorations you will find scarves, gloves and clothing that you can sell in any store. With this you can get, depending on the garment, between 60 and 200 gold.

As a curious fact, in the exclusive mission of the PlayStation 5 version “The Haunted Shop of Hogsmeade”, upon completing it we will have access to a new saleswoman who will buy the objects at a higher price, which will accelerate our benefits quickly.

Hogwarts Legacy