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Mini-guide: How to get the Red 9 pistol in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake has already reached the hands of thousands of players around the globe. Many will be new fans of the fourth installment, and others will be veterans who have waited 18 years to meet again with Leon, Ashley, Ada, Luis and all those characters that populate the adventure.

But this remake has some details that differ from the original installment, and one of them has to do with the location of one of the most legendary weapons in the game, the Mauser C96 from Luis Seraknown as network 9. Although originally we could acquire it from the Buhonero for the sum of 14,000 pesetas from chapter 2-2, now the story is somewhat different.


Capcom has taken good note of Santa Monica Studio and Resident Evil 4’s lake is now fully navigable, as was God of War (2018), and browsing through it we can complete several secondary missions. And it is precisely in the center of said lake Where will we get the gun? hidden in a half sunken wreck.

Objectively, there are better pistols out there, but once you’ve upgraded the Red9 to the max… well, there’s not much of a feeling like that in video games. And there is no Cattle that can resist him either. And for sample, a button:

What is your favorite weapon from Resident Evil 4, and why would you say it’s the Red 9?

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