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Mini guide: How to solve the mysteries of the castle in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is full of puzzles and hidden secrets. We understand that with so many of these, you don’t know where to start. In this mini guide you will find some of these, where they are located and how to fix them.

To begin with, the first thing you should keep in mind that to solve them is that you will need the different spells that you will get as you complete the main mission line and the most important secondary ones. The more you advance in the story, the more spells you’ll unlock, and therefore the more puzzles you’ll be able to solve. Here we leave you some of the riddles inside the Hogwarts castle.


Find the Daedalus Keys

These flying keys are scattered throughout the castle. There are a total of sixteen and they are essential to get chests with exclusive rewards.
The first thing you have to do is talk to Nellie Oggspire in the Courtyard of Transfiguration. This will be key for you to get access to some of the keys. Although you should keep in mind that some keys will be accessible in autumn, since you will have unlocked the spell Alohomora. This tea will allow you to unlock some areas. Areas such as the upper part of the Clock Tower and the Faculty Tower.
The only thing you have to do when you find a key is to follow it to its corresponding cabinet. It will fly over the lock. You must interact with her and enter her in the lock to get a medallion from your house. It must be remembered that these medallions are essential to achieve the House uniform set reward that glows when casting spells or in dark environments.

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Solve the riddles of the doors of Arithmancy

One of the first mysteries you have to face are some somewhat special doors. These doors hide many secrets and are well worth discovering. The problem is that the game does not offer us any clues to solve them, but the truth is that these puzzles are not very complicated.
These doors are composed of figures of magical animals, numbers and question marks. At first glance, the first thing you think is that you must do something with those creatures and numbers.
The creatures represent a number. The first represents 0, the second, the unicorn, represents 1, and so on. In total there are ten pairings, from 0 to 9.

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Hogwarts LegacyHogwarts Legacy

To solve it we only have to do some simple mathematical operations. For example, in the first door, 11 + second figure + question mark 1 = 21. The correct answer would be the spider, since 11 plus the second figure (2) equals 13, up to 21, there are 8 (put the capture of the door). The answers must be included in the second button.

Heliodora’s Depulso Riddle Rooms

These rooms are secret locations in the castle and feature numerous puzzles. It should be noted that they are one of the most complicated in the game. In total there are two rooms. In them you must complete several phases. When you complete them you will get collection chests from each of the rooms, one from the Library annex and another from the Entrance Wing to the bell tower.
The first thing you need to do is complete the side quest, The Herodian room. Once completed head towards the Long Gallery. In the hallway, on one of the walls, there will be a power switch. Depulse that you should activate it.

When you are inside, the main objective, using the spells Depulse either action, is to move the blocks to create a path to the opposite side. Although you must bear in mind that if the blocks touch and connect, you will no longer be able to separate them. If you fail you can try again.

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The Key to the Admission Riddle

For this riddle you need to have the Alohomora at level 3, to be able to open the locks with this same level. Following the main story, you will reach the Principal’s Office Black, which is only available in winter. This is located at the top of the Grand Staircase, above the Trophy Room. Once inside, go to the door on the left, it will take you down a corridor. Go up the stairs to reach another door, which you will open to access an office.

Hogwarts Legacy

take the Admission Key from the desk and return to the Principal’s Office. There will be a big door with a big lock, open it and you will get great rewards, such as a chest with legendary equipment and two collection chests.

These are four of the many mysteries that you can find in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. You can also take a look at our mini guide on the economy of the game and how to open chests with an eye.