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miniPC with Intel/AMD laptop CPU

minipc with intel/amd laptop cpu

minisforum has become popular in recent times thanks to its Mini PCHowever, they wanted to go further by presenting two conceptual systems that could define their systems in the future. We are talking about Project RPFXII for Intel Raptor Lake-HX and the Project DRFXI for him AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX3D.

The CPUs with the tag HX they are typically desktop processors tailored for a portable environment. While they don’t use a socket and are soldered via BGAtheir desEsports Extrasis the same as their PC counterparts, with the tradeoff that they have a 55W TDP, which, although it is lower than usual for desktops, is above what is usual for laptops. Therefore, the concept of the components that surround them requires a different desEsports Extrasthan the common one for other microprocessors low comsumption.


Minisforum RPFXI and DRFXII, Mini PC concept with 100W PTO

Minisforum RPFXI and DRFX

minisforum has presented two systems with a volume of 6 liters and which can withstand a TDP up to 100W. Officially they do not yet have a commercial name, but there are two variants called RPFXI and DRFXIIwhich are designed to be able to mount motherboards presided over by processors of the type HX of Intel and AMD. Specifically, they have been designed to Dragon Range of AMD and Raptor Lake-HX of Intel.

What is striking in all this is that the AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX3D was until now an exclusive chip for ASUSbut everything indicates that minisforum will offer a Mini PC With this processor in its range of products, yes, they have clarified that it is a high-end option.

Which is not surprising if we take into account their 16 cores and 144MB cache L3 thanks to technology V-Cache of AMD. The release date and final name for these Minisforum PC It is expected by the end of this 2023.


With support for external graphics card

Minisforum RPFXI and DRFXI

In addition, both designs have the ability to connect a external graphics cardall thanks to your connection PCI Express 5.0 of 16 lines that will be included as standard both in the RPFXI as in the DRFXII. So if you need extra power for one of these MiniPC it will be possible to connect a desktop GPU.

Of course, they have not clarified if a external power supply or a serial will be included in the system, nor the limitations that we will have when choosing one that works with these Mini PC.

In any case, it is an interesting option, given that one of the uses of these Mini PC it’s usually like HTPC connected to the television at home: either to run console emulators of yesteryear or, failing that, as a replacement for a video game console.


Honestly, having the option of being able to connect a external graphics card It is appreciated to play all games with ease. Of course, and finally, we do not believe that these systems are exactly cheap, given the origin of the components of this type of computer. However, it’s nice to have a choice of expansionwhich we supposed already almost completely disappeared.

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