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Mithy signs for Cloud9 as head coach

Looking ahead to 2023, Cloud9 has chosen to keep the majority of the squad with which they were proclaimed champions of the last League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). However, the organization has wanted to renew its section to a certain extent, betting on talent from the European regional leagues and by well-known figures within the club. C9 has made the return of Alfonso Aguirre official «mithy«, who returns to the North American club after a year as an assistant coach at 100 Thieves.


Mithy will reassume the role of Cloud9’s head coach after a year at 100 Thieves. The canary has already taken over this role from mid-2021. In the first half of the year Kim Yeu-jin «reEsports Extrasover» was the head of the bench, winning the Spring Split and qualifying for Mid-Season Invitational (M: YES). But facing the Summer Split, Reignover and Mithy swapped their roles for the remainder of the year. with the previously support C9 placed third in the LCS and made it past the group stage of worlds being paired with FunPlus Phoenix, DWG KIA and Rogue.


Cloud9’s big change in their starting five is the addition of Dimitri Ponomarev “Diplex”. The German will be the substitute for Nicolaj Jensen, who would set his course for Dignitas. The medium would come from the Team Vitality academy, Vitality.Bee, and his passage through the LCS would mean his debut in the League of Legends elite. Diplex will have competition as C9 has confirmed the leaks by signing Jang Min-soo at the same time «EMENES«. The South Korean arrives as a free agent after leaving JD XL last August.

Mithy is not the only member of the 100 Thieves coaching staff to try his hand at another club as head coach in 2023. Recently Evil Geniuses has confirmed its squad for the next season, which will be directed by Aleš Kněžínek «Freeze». The Czech was also part of 100T during 2022 as an assistant coach with the Canarian coach, both being under the leadership of Bok Han-gyu “Reapered”. Curiously, Reapered is the only member of the former technical staff of the thieves who has not signed for any team at the moment.

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