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MLB The Show 23 and Infinite Guitars are the last Xbox Game Pass games in March

With just 10 days to go until the end of March, today brings a brief update on the remaining titles joining Xbox Game Pass over the next week and a bit.

As previously announced, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom will be available for the cloud, Xbox consoles and PC today. This is the continuation of the classic Level 5 RPG and includes a new battle system that is more Pikmin than Pokemon.


Oh, and a nice touch: you get the Prince’s Edition version of the game here, which includes additional DLC. Next week, on March 28, Xbox Game Pass gets MLB The Show 23. This is the latest baseball game from Sony’s San Diego Studio, and once again, it’s coming to Xbox.

If you’re really interested, you can pay to play on March 24 by purchasing the Early Access Pack. But you’re probably fine if you wait.

Finally, on March 30, Infinite Guitars joins Game Pass for the cloud, Xbox consoles, and PC. This is a rhythm RPG where you fight with the power of guitars and anime on your side.

Another Xbox Game Pass update means another set of titles leaving the service.