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MMO shooter Division 2 starts Season 10 today – Bringing new weapons, sets and more difficulty levels

The new season 10 called “Price of Power” starts today in Division 2. After months of silence around the cover shooter, players can now look forward to new content. And not only that. With a view to 2023, Ubisoft announced that work on Year 5 has already begun. MeinMMO brings you up to date.

After Division 2 announced that it would only rotate old content by the end of 2021, some agents lost their loyalty. But more and more players are now returning to Washington and New York because Ubisoft not only gives them hope for more, but has also announced a lot of new content for Division 2 in recent months.

These are gradually coming into play. Season 10 “The Price of Power” has already started today and brings new content for “Busy Bees”.

Check out the latest The Division 2 trailer for the new PvE activity “Countdown” here, which has now received a difficulty level update in Season 10.

The Division 2 – Season 10 “Price of Power” trailer

What’s new in Season 10 of TU16? The last season 9 already showed that the wait is definitely worth it. Ubisoft hid a cool cliffhanger there, which made many players curious about a background story about the dreaded hunters.

Season 10 will now continue this story in a new manhunt.

What is the new manhunt about? The agents are to hunt down 5 targets including the main target General Anderson during the next 3 months during the new manhunt. He is a leader of the True Sons trying to negotiate peace with the Black Tusk to turn their combined forces against the Division.

In addition, there are a lot of new items to earn during these hunts via the season pass, such as weapons, 2 new brand sets and more.

  • From rank 2, the new brand set called “Brazos-de-Arcabuz” awaits
  • Rank 11 earns the new Umbra Initiative Token Set
  • Rank 30 gives you the named M1A rifle “Left part of the stage”
  • The named left-handed “Lefty” shotgun that swept everything away in the PTS server awaits at rank 80
  • Rank 85 has the Busy Bee Exotic pistol ready
  • And Rank 90 will provide Agents with the Bloody Knuckles exotic gloves.
  • There are also numerous blueprints to be picked up in Season 10 in the pass.

“Lucky”, the final target of the manhunt, can be completed starting November 15th. After that, nothing stands between you and the primary target, General Anderson, as the current roadmap shows.

This is the new manhunt and roadmap for Season 10.

Also, there will be 2 new clothing events “SHD Musterknabe” which will offer military outfit and “Dark Path” with rather scarier masks respectively Halloween-oriented. In addition, there are 4 already known global events.

What else has changed? However, Ubisoft and Massive have not only integrated new content, but also improvements for the players. For example, exotics now have a small chance of dropping from NPCs in the normal game.

In addition, through feedback from the Public Test Servers (PTS), players had asked for harder versions of Countdown and other activities to be brought into the game.

Accordingly, in Season 10, the two missions “Tidal Basin” and “Manning National Zoo” can now be completed on Legendary. More are to follow.

loot strongest PvE mode becomes more flexible: For the PvE mode “Countdown” there will now be several levels of difficulty instead of just one. You can then complete these alone or in a group, also with player search.

  • Normal – Can be completed alone
  • Hard – Designed for groups of 8 casual players
  • Challenging – For a group of 8 randomly matched players. However, this can also be completed by a team of 2-4 hardcore players.
  • Heroic – The perfect challenge for 4-8 hardcore players.

However, the hunters at the beginning are no longer easy to farm from Season 10, because they no longer give you regular loot, but instead “hunter dog tags”.

Looking good is now better: Since Season 10, each player at the mirror can fully customize their character. So not only hair and tattoos, but also face and body.

Division 2 will bring even more Legendary difficulty missions in the future

Here’s what agents can expect in Freeplay: There was an update for the adjustable directives for the open world. With this you can now voluntarily block access to the blue ammo boxes in exchange for more XP. However, no new directives have been added.

The start of Season 10 was quite bumpy and many players reported delta errors and unstable server connections. But Ubisoft has also spoken of future improvements here.

All in all, the new story and the new content give the impression that it is now worthwhile to rediscover Division 2 again. Above all, Ubisoft revealed in the last showcase that work for year 5 of Division 2 has already started. The players can expect not only new, but above all regular content for the cover shooter.

  • With TU17 and Season 11, a new PVE mode called “Descent” comes into play again.
  • In this mode, players are stripped of their powerful gear and have to struggle for longer and longer without their usual set advantages. Much like Division 1’s “Survival” mode, but you can loot talents and use them to gain power.
  • In this way, mechanics can also be combined that the game does not normally allow. This allows you completely new playstyles and builds within “Descent”.

Incidentally, survival was the mode in which most Division players die back then:

The Division: This is where most of the agents die in Survival

So the future of Division 2 looks brighter again and if the ongoing story is as good as hoped, then the game could well experience a second spring. The new free 2 play game Division: Heartland, which indirectly follows the Division 2 saga, will also contribute to this.

In addition, everyone can now try Division 2 for free.

So you can now play The Division 2 for free

play ubisoft+-free-division2
The Division 2 is free through UBISOFT+ until October 10th.

If you want to discover the game now, you can currently do so for free. Until October 10th, Division 2 is included in the Ubisoft+ free trial month. Interested players can use it to discover the game, even with all the content and rewards of the Ultimate Edition.

  • To use the free month, all you have to do is activate the free subscription to Ubisoft+. This can be done directly from the launcher.

A little hint: This means that even old players who may not have the Division 2 Year 1 Pass or other content can now get their hands on it for free again. For example, you can then enjoy the 7 hidden secret jobs that will entertain you with a few tricky puzzles.

Have you already got a taste of Season 10? Or have we just made you curious? If so, let the Division community know your first impressions of the season and what you like best so far in the comments.

However, if you prefer to reminisce, we recommend a royal meeting with the king of exotics.

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