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MMORPG Guild Wars 2 Fulfills Wish Players Have Been Waiting For For 7 Years – Finally Brings Easy Modes


The developers of Guild Wars 2 have talked about the upcoming updates for the . in a new studio update. The focus is on better accessibility – probably in view of the Steam release – and new rewards. Especially the news about an easy mode for the raids is very much celebrated by the community.

What is the Easy Mode all about? Guild Wars 2 got its first raids in 2015 with the Heart of Thorns expansion. They were considered difficult, mainly because the community was not used to such tough instances. For years, players have therefore wanted an easy mode.


It will now, in 2022, actually be published:

  • An optional “encouragement system” will be introduced. With each failure against a boss, you accumulate a stack of Encouragement. In this way, up to 100% more life points, 50% more damage and 50% more healing can be achieved over time.
  • After defeating a boss, the encouragement resets and stacks again on the next boss or after an instance reset.
  • However, encouragement is not intended to override certain mechanics that result in instant death.
  • Also, certain achievements cannot be obtained in Encouragement mode.

The developers themselves say that raids are still one of the most important topics in surveys. That’s why we continue to work on accessibility. The changes are scheduled to come into play on June 28th.

Are there new raids coming soon? For three years, players have been waiting for new raids. The last one appeared in June 2019. The developers themselves said at the time that only a few players actively use this content. With an Easy Mode, however, interest could increase. This increases the chance of new raids in the future.


The new expansion End of Dragons was released in February. In this video you will learn everything you need to know about:

Guild Wars 2: Everything you need to know about the new expansion End of Dragons in under 3 minutes

Assault missions replaced raids and they are very popular

What came instead of the raids? With the Icebrood Saga, the so-called Assault Missions were released. These are instances in which only one boss is fought. This can be entered with an organized group of 10 players or you can join a random group.

The attack missions are easier than the raids, but offer comparable mechanics. With the new expansion End of Dragons came new attack missions that even had a challenge mode comparable to raids.


According to the blog post, these attack missions are going down really well. There is said to be a significant increase in players trying out the easy mode missions, and heavy players are said to be actively using the challenge modes.

To make the instances even more attractive, the rewards will be increased on June 28th:

  • Gold in all Assault missions is doubled
  • One Ancient Summoning Stone can be earned per mission per week
  • Introducing a new Imperial Everbloom Infusion that can be randomly dropped or purchased from the vendor for currency. The random drop can also be traded.

Also coming June 28th is Challenge Mode for the final new Assault Mission: Harvest Temple.

Guild Wars 2 Imperial Blossom Infusion
The new infusion will rain cherry blossoms around you.

How is that received? In the reddit, the changes to the raids and attack missions are highly praised. Better accessibility and more rewards are what players want right now. AdmiralNani writes something like:

Pretty good changes overall, especially the attack missions and raid changes. The missions needed the reward that makes players want to repeat them after the first time, and now you get about 50 gold a week from doing the CMs, plus a chance to get an infusion.

What I’m most excited about is the “easy mode” for raids. GW2 always suffered from the high skill gap when transitioning from the open world to the instances, making raiding very difficult for new players to try.

Adjustments to repairs and the mouse pointer

What other changes will Guild Wars 2 get? Also on June 28th there will be the following adjustments:

  • The repair system will be completely abolished, armor will no longer break in the future. However, you can still interact with the anvils in the world to get a small buff for PvE.
  • There will be a new option to adjust the mouse pointer contrast to make it easier to see in large events.
  • Adjusted the barriers in story instances so that leaving the area will reset you instead of being kicked out of the instance.

A major class update is also planned for June 28th. This should provide easier access to buffs for all classes. This also plays into accessibility for raids and assault missions.

What do you think of the planned changes in Guild Wars 2? Does an easy mode lure you into the raids or do you find this content generally uninteresting? Feel free to write it in the comments.

At the beginning of June, the old dungeons were also revised. This also happened with regard to the Steam release, which is planned for 2022:


. Guild Wars 2 surprisingly reworks old content from 2012 – raises hopes for new dungeons


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