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MMORPG: Large Tier List shows the 46 best and weakest online role-playing games

The gaming youtuber TheLazyPeon had his community vote on a tier list of the current .s. He presents them in a video and adds his own ranking.

TheLazyPeon is known for numerous videos and streams related to .s – old and new, popular and unpopular, and upcoming releases. He now has over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube and 79,000 on Twitch (as of February 1, 2023). Among them are many . players who were now allowed to express their opinion.

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The Youtuber let his community vote on which current .s they classify in the respective tier. The list goes from the S to the F tier. They classified 46 .s (and a survival game) that have already been published and are still running. Disabled and upcoming games were not taken into account.

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In his video, he makes paid advertising for the survival game V Rising and, as a result, includes it in the tier list. However, the game isn’t an ., so it doesn’t really belong in the list.

Where is the list from? In the ranking, we only refer to the evaluation of the YouTuber’s community or his opinion. TheLazyPeon shares both in a 15-minute video on YouTube. We give you the results here.

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Community Ranking – A lot ends up in the F range

According to TheLazyPeon, around 5,000 viewers took part in the voting. He shares the results in the video with the words: “Don’t kill the messenger!”

In the video you can see 5 .s with stunning graphics:


5 .s with the most beautiful graphics


More videos

Ranking by TheLazyPeon – No S tier here either

At the end of the video, the Youtuber presents his own tier list:

A tier Guild Wars 2
WoW: Dragon Flight
Final Fantasy 14
WoW WotLK Classic
Old School RuneScape
new world
Lost Ark
The Elder Scrolls Online
Albion Online
(V Rising)
B tier ArcheAge
EVE Online
Runescape 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic
C tier Neverwinter
Guild Wars
Lord of the Rings Online
lineage 2
Blade & Soul
maple story
Project Gorgon
Fantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis
Dungeons & Dragons Online
D tier Warhammer Online (Private Server)
Riders of Icarus
Tower of Fantasy
Allods Online
Ember’s Adrift
Secret World Legends
DC Universe Online
Conquer’s Blade
Gloria Victis
Final Fantasy XI Online
Mortal Online 2
F tier Swords of Legends Online
Adventure Quest 3D
Riders of Icarus
Diablo Immortal
League of Angels Heaven’s Fury
Metin 2
Bless Unleashed

Even with him, none of the .s make it into the S tier. However, significantly fewer end up in the F range than in his community. It is striking that similar .s are in the A tier in both versions: Guild Wars 2, WoW, FFXIV and Old School RuneScape.

What do you think of TheLazyPeon’s tier list and its community? If you had to choose, which version would you agree with more? Wouldn’t you also classify an . in the S-Tier or are there titles that would be worth the placement for you? Which game is clearly in the F tier for you? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

A tier list with assessments from our . experts can be found here:


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Featured Image: Screenshot Youtube/TheLazyPeon