MMORPG leaves Early Access on Steam after 6 years – player counts are now 8x as high

The medieval . Gloria Victis has been available on Steam since June 2016 and has been in Early Access since then. Recently it celebrated its full release and the number of players increased. But the players practice plenty of criticism.

On February 7th, 2023 Gloria Victis was released in the official full version on Steam after being in an open beta state for 6.5 years.

During Early Access, the . mostly saw between 400 and 600 players per day. Since the full release it’s almost 3400 – so the number is 8x as high (via SteamDB).

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Realistic battles in the Middle Ages

What kind of game is this? Gloria Victis is a medieval . with sandbox elements developed by Black Eye Games. PvP plays an important role. You siege and conquer castles while engaging in battles with other games. The . also offers PvE content – ​​including group quests and raids.

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You don’t play a fixed class, but level up your skills and can thus choose an individual way of playing. The combat system is action-packed, you have to aim yourself, for example.

There are 3 nations from which you choose one and join it. You are constantly fighting against the other two nations, because PvP is possible everywhere. In most areas you don’t lose any items when you die, but in some locations you will drop one piece of gear per death.

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In addition, the . offers a diverse crafting system.

Gloria Victis wants to be as realistic as possible, as stated in the description on Steam. Graphically, this is only possible to a limited extent with the small indie development team from Poland. Nevertheless, the . 2022 received a graphics update.

Here you can see the trailer of the .:

. Gloria Victis – Gameplay Trailer

More videos

What monetization does the game use? Gloria Victis is Buy2Play and currently costs EUR 19.99, just like in Early Access. There is also a shop that offers cosmetic content and account enhancements such as additional character slots or name changes. The . does not use Pay2Win.

Only 61% rated positive – What is bothering the players on Steam?

Throughout that time, Gloria Victis received 70% positive reviews, giving it a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam. But in the last 30 days the ratings have been worse, which is why it is currently only 61% and thus receives “Balanced”.

We summarize some of the voices in the Steam reviews for you, both positive and negative:

  • Carnifex writes after 75 hours of play: “Mount & Blade combat system with an Elder Scrolls Online Cyrodiil-style map. Very cool PvP MMO”.
  • GC- writes after 4,2038 hours of play: “Gloria Victis is the only game I know that the developers have broken more and more […] The game worked technically flawlessly in Early Access. Since the release it hangs and servers are overloaded. Just frustration right now”.
  • Skynyrd_Dsg writes after 148 hours of play: “I’m new to the game and am having a good time so far. I found a few bugs, but they were fixed immediately. The game runs great, PvP is fun”.
  • Motives writes after 59 hours of play: “The core gameplay and combat system is great. 90% of the rest of the game doesn’t work.”

User on reddit describes his impressions after 2000 hours of play

The reddit user Alixxiv claims to have put over 2000 hours of play into the .. In a post he writes a detailed review.

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As negative points he mentions the following problems:

  • It’s not a real sandbox game
  • The combat system is said to be so bad that you have to learn to deal with the mistakes.
  • Gloria Victis depends heavily on the number of players. If nobody is online, nothing happens.
  • No roadmap during beta, poor communication from developers to their player base

As a positive feedback he first names the atmosphere of Gloria Victis, which he finds successful for an indie team. According to him, since most indie fans don’t value extremely good graphics, everything is okay here.

Alixxiv also likes the start, since you can catch up with other players without a great grind. He only saw solo players fail when it comes to becoming really strong later on.

According to the fan, anyone who found themselves in Gloria Victis had to stay on the ball. It’s not a game you just log into for events or to gamble with friends.

Have you played Gloria Victis or are you planning to now that the full version is finally out? What do you like most about the .? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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