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MMORPG returns to Steam: “Don’t fool me again”

The . “Bless Global” launched yesterday on Steam. However, some players know the title only too well and react on reddit with amusement at seeing a well-known game that just keeps coming in a new version.

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“Bless Global” is the title of the new . on Steam, which was released on March 1st, 2023. But the game isn’t all that new. For some in the gaming community, it’s an old acquaintance that has attempted its reboot on the platform multiple times.

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On reddit, players are surprised and at the same time amused by the launch.

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Here’s a trailer from Bless Global:

Blass Global – The Start!


More videos


That’s why Bless Global is not a novelty for the . fans

What is Bless Global? In order to understand the reaction of the community, here is a small overview of the events with the game title so far:

The . Bless Online was eagerly awaited by . fans before it was released in 2018 – but then failed miserably. Among other things, the reasons for this were numerous technical problems and the lack of certain content. On September 9th, 2019 the . from developer Neowiz was closed.


In between there was the announcement of Bless Eternal, which, unlike its predecessor, is a pure mobile title.

Then came another version with Bless Unleashed in March 2020 for console and in August 2021 on Steam. At first it went quite well and many players gave the . a chance. Nevertheless, it soon rained negative criticism again.

While the game is still available on Steam, it died on consoles in November 2022 and support for Xbox One and PS4 ended.


Now the game restarts with the Bless Global version. The game is advertised as a fantasy MMO, with immersive desEsports Extrasand PvP elements.

Bless Global also has a mobile version that shares crossplay with the Steam version and offers NFTs. Both things that are generally less well received by gamers.

So it already hails negative reviews at the start. It is currently rated balanced on Steam, but with 139 ratings it has few user reviews so far. Of these, just 61% are positive (as of March 2nd, 2023, via Steam).


How is the community reacting? u/Apxa posted Bless Global’s Steam page on reddit and wrote “You won’t believe what just came out on Steam”.

Some users joke that a “new” . has now appeared, but many also make it clear that they will not give the game another chance and advise against playing the game.

  • Telecast: “Damn, don’t fool me again.”
  • S1NN-: “The 85th time is the charm baby”.
  • Rangerswill: “I’m always happy about refreshingly new MMOs”.
  • blodskaal: “It’s like an annual event with this game lol”.

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