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MMORPG rewards players for murdering and looting – Wants to reward the greatest crook

The . ArcheAge: Unchained recently launched an event that rewards players for silly achievements. For example, whoever has been in prison for the longest time gets a unique title.

The “Race to Ridiculous” event has been running in ArcheAge: Unchained since February 24, 2023, i.e. a race for the ridiculous. The event runs until March 3rd.


Players compete in 5 absurd categories

The event is all about completing something over and over again to get into the top 10 of the respective server. Because only then is there a reward.

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The categories are:

  • Harvest the most thistles
  • Spend most of my time in prison
  • Complete most quests
  • Use the Gotta Get Down dance the most
  • Die most often from fall damage

First place gets a title. You can read about them in the patch notes of the event.

ArcheAge is set to get a sequel soon. Here’s the ArcheAge 2 trailer:

How do you get in jail? In ArcheAge there is a system called Crime Points. You collect these points when you murder and plunder. Other players can report you and have to prove your offense with footprints or bloodstains.

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If you have received enough Crime Points, the . lets you choose whether you go straight to jail or plead your innocence. In the latter case, a jury of fellow players then decides on your punishment.

In this case, players then want to get the longest jail sentence to earn the title of Special Lockasion.

What other rewards are there? Not only the player in 1st place receives a reward. For the first 10 places, a special food beckons: the “manager’s home-made chocolate”. You get 10 of them. The item lets you dodge better, increases your attack speed and reduces the casting time of your skills.

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What do you say about the event? Are you playing and participating in ArcheAge: Unchained? In which category do you want to measure yourself? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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