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MMORPG streamer Asmongold says Twitch viewers are predictable but too weird

The Texan Zack as “Asmongold” is probably the biggest . streamer on Twitch. Thousands watch him play WoW, but he seems quite annoyed with his viewers. Everything is better on YouTube.

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How did the statements come about? Asmongold is a co-founder of the gaming organization One True King (OTK). Together with the OTK members Emily “Emiru” Schunk and Tectone, the streamer has now started a podcast on YouTube. In the first episode, the 3 compared platforms, with Asmongold not exactly kind to his streaming homeland.

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You can see more about Asmongold’s career in our video:


Asmongold’s career and life in 3 minutes – what makes him special?


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Too much copypasta on Twitch

What bothers the streamer on Twitch? There’s a lot there. But while Asmongold usually criticizes the streaming platform itself, this time it was about the “culture” on Twitch – and thus about his own viewers. Because they would spam the chat with the same jokes over and over again:

Oh wow, that’s a cool joke of yours, we should type it 400 times. […] And then, you know, Marco Polo! You say that word, I say that emote! How clever and fun!

The streamer explained that if he could only use one platform for the rest of his life, it would be YouTube. There just wouldn’t be that many weird people there.

Marco Polo is a children’s game that is mostly played in the water. One player tries to catch the others with their eyes closed. The catcher can call out “Marco”, to which all players must answer “Polo”, which can give clues as to their position.


Spectators should be like cats

How do the other streamers see it? They agree with Asmongold that the chat on Twitch is quite predictable. In fact, Emiru says she can predict what her chat will say 90% of the time. For her and Tectone, however, this seems to be something positive.

The . streamer admits that there is value in knowing your viewers so well. But overall, the prevailing chat culture on Twitch is just too weird:

It’s like if you once had a cat and you raise your arm and the cat looks up at your arm. And you’re like, “I control you, bitch.” I can feel a bit like that when I’m doing my streams. […] But in general? I don’t know man. There are so many weird things people do on Twitch. it’s so strange

How did that go down? The podcast airs on YouTube, where viewers don’t seem to mind if Twitch audiences are badmouthed. Within two days, the first episode was viewed more than 222,000 times.


We’ve included the two-hour episode here, from minute 56 it’s about the different platforms:

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In addition to the set and the editing, many fans also praise Asmongold himself. He was made for a podcast. Apparently, some of his viewers are less interested in his gameplay and just enjoy listening to the streamer talk for hours.


These fans should get their money’s worth with the YouTube format in the future.

Asmongold had clashed with some of his fans in the past when they wanted to dictate what games to show or interfere in his personal life. Because some were apparently of the opinion that if they were single themselves, their streamer shouldn’t have a relationship either:

Twitch’s flagship nerd can’t have a girlfriend: “I want him to be miserable and lonely like me.”