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Modders make fan dreams come true: fight the emperors from One Piece in Elden Ring

Modifications for video games have always been a dream and a nightmare. title like Elden ring sometimes get better, sometimes worse, and sometimes just weird. And very rarely are they a perfect complement, like in this case the One Piece Mod by ArestameJoker on Nexusmods.

The mod, which was released at the end of August 2022, is already very popular after just a few days, because it lets you fight the same three emperors of the seas who are among the most feared pirates of all time in the manga/anime by Eiichiro Oda. And with good reason, because they are extremely strong.

One Piece: Elden Ring Mod (Nexus Mods)
©From Software/Bandai Namco/ArestameJoker

Elden Ring: One Piece Mod pits you against three emperors

Mods that the world of one piece into “Elden Ring” has been around since the first few weeks after the release of From Softwares Open-world action role-playing game. For example, you can as Monkey D Luffy experience adventures as Zoro, Trafalgar Law or many other characters actually looking for Roger’s legendary treasure are.

Thanks to the publication of User ArestameJoker it is also now possible to fight against three of the strongest pirates ever in the new world were on the way. These are the emperors Kaido, Whitebeard and Shankswhich in “Elden Ring” the positions of three feared and very heavy bosses take in.

But of course not just any bosses, the modder made sure that the popular pirates in suitable roles for them Hatch. So the strong melee fighter Kaido takes over the position of General RadanWhitebeard used as Godfreymatching his Fel Power, Earthquake attacks and Shanks represents the one-armed Malenia.

At the moment there are even plans, the empress big mom also to be introduced, but currently it is not yet part of the so-called “One Piece – 3 Yonkos – Whitebeard Kaido and Shanks” mod. However, the modder is open to suggestions as to which boss in “Elden Ring” Charlotte Linlin should replace. The name has been mentioned more than once Rykardalso Prince of Blasphemy called.

If you are interested in challenging the three emperors of the sea to a fight, you can find the corresponding mod on Nexusmods, where ArestameJoker also explains step by step how to get his mod working. Since the mod by From Software unsupported however, you do so at your own risk.

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But the risk can definitely be worth it, because the three pirates look fantastic and more than do justice to their template. Their moves and attacks match what was seen in the manga and anime respectively, and they actually have different damage modelswhich is also at the OnePiece template orientate.

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