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models, characteristics, frequencies and TBP

In the world of dedicated graphics, NVIDIA and AMD are well known as rivals trying to offer the best GPU for the price. However, they are not alone, as Intel will become a third competitor thanks to its Arc graphics. Now the company itself has shown the official specifications of the 4 Intel Arc GPU models which are expected to be launched on the market soon.

When it comes to buying a graphics card to play, generally the choice of most people is clear, an NVIDIA. In the case of AMD, although it has shown a very large leap in performance and efficiency with its RDNA 2 architecture, it has not been enough, since technologies such as DLSS or RTX from the green have been highly desired. On the other hand, we have Intel, which despite its little experience in the dedicated graphics sector, has implemented a scaled as DLSS called xess and supposedly a ray tracing performance proficient on their high-end Arcs like the A770.

Official specifications of the Intel Arc A770, A750, A580 and A380

We have been talking about the Intel Arc for months, when these have not been released, except for the A380which was initially launched in China and recently in USA. Thanks to the leaks of these last months, we have been able to know the specifications of the next Intel GPUs. Although it is true that we knew most of the data, what we did not know is that Intel would release 4 models of GPU for desktops, since we will only have the A380, A580, A750 Y A770.

Now, regarding the official specifications of the Intel Arc, we start with the top of the range, the A770which will have a total of 32 Xe Cores with 4,096 cores, 32 ray traced units Y 512 XMX engines. It will have a frequency of 2,100MHz in the graphics core and a memory to choose between 8GB and 16GB GDDR6with a bandwidth of 560GB/s. We now turn to the A750which sees its specifications slightly reduced, since it has 28 Xe Cores28 ray tracing units and 448 XMX Engines which should give a total of 3,584 cores. Regarding its frequency, it will reach the 2,050MHz and will have 8GB GDDR6 reaching a bandwidth of 512GB/s.

Now we have the A580who stays with 24 Xe Cores24 ray tracing units, 384 XMX engines and 3,072 cores. The frequency will drop to 1,700MHzwhile the memory remains in 8GB GDDR6 and will have a bandwidth of 512GB/s. Finally, the A380, which has a total of 8 Xe Cores, 128 XMX engines and 1,024 cores. This comes to 2,000MHzhave 6GB of memory and a bandwidth of 186GB/s for having a 96-bit bus.

The A750 and A770 will have a TBP of 225W and will outperform the RTX 3060

Something very important that Intel had left in the table of the official specifications of the Arc GPUs was, without a doubt, the consumption. Well, with electricity prices so high, this is no longer a feature to ignore. Thus, we have needed a new slide to see this value, which, in part, we already knew through leaks. And it is that, Intel has confirmed that both the Arc A750 as the A770they will have a TBP (Total Board Power) 225W. This is an accurate indicator of your final consumption, which unlike the upcoming graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA will not skyrocket as much.

Although everything makes sense, because the A750 is between a 10 and 15% better what a RTX 3060 if we choose the games that favor Intel the most. On the other hand, if we look at the specifications of the A770we see that this is not much more powerful, since it will be between a 15 and 20% faster than the A750 in the best case. Finally, mention that the frequencies given by Intel are the base, not the maximum that can be reached in Turbo mode. A clear example is the A380which achieves 2,450MHz with boost and the 2100MHz base. The same can be applied to the A580which has a base frequency of 1,700MHz and will reach a maximum frequency of 2,100 MHz with boost.

Finally, mention that Intel intends to release the Arc A580, A750 and A770 very soon. Although they do not give an official date, rumors indicate that it could be next month, in october. Regarding the Arc A750 and A770, it has been indicated that they will have a very limited initial availability and first they would reach key europe countries. As we have already said many times, the success of these GPUs will depend entirely on that affordable price what they promise

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