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Modified Ogerpon are blocking Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

modified ogerpon are blocking pokemon scarlet and purple

Important news for players currently enjoying Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. They are related to its DLC, specifically with the news that comes to us after knowing the latest Pokemon Presents and the announcement of Poltchageist.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple DLC

In this case, we are talking about the error that we informed you about this morning. It seems that some users They are using it to block other players.

This DLC introduces a bug that can block the game (softlock). Here’s how it can happen in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple:

  • The new Pokemon Ogerpon, with its unique “Terastalization” ability, is the center of the exploit.
  • Malicious players are using Ogerpons with illegally modified Teratypes to block online combat.
  • Ogerpon has a limited number of possible Teratypes, and malicious players are assigning “impossible” types that cause the game to freeze.
  • The only way out of the ban is to abandon the battle, which raises the ranks of cheaters.

For now those responsible for the game They have not announced plans to solve this problem, although they are likely working on a solution. We’ll be alert.

Remember that now we finally have DLC 1 available as part of a new update that the game has received to be compatible with it. There is also a theory about the date of DLC 2. Now, after learning thanks to the datamine details about the 19th special type Tera and the name and first image of a new Pokemon from DLC 2, as well as some character interactions, also boss encounters and more, a very special Pokemon has been found. Don’t forget that you also have our complete and updated guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

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