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Elden Ring

Mohgwyn’s Palace in the Elden Ring: location, paths to access and why you should arm yourself to the teeth before going

The Mohgwyn’s Palace It is one of the most curious locations in Elden Ring. It bears a suspiciously similar resemblance to Mount Olympus from Greek mythology and you can see it in the distance from a very early point in your game. When you get closer, things are very different… but I’m anticipating events.


Below I will tell you where the Mohgwyn Palace is located, what its access roads are and what you will find there.

Mohgwyn’s Palace in the Elden Ring: the rise of a new dynasty

Your first encounter with Mohgwyn’s Palace will be while you first traverse the Siofra River. It is presented as a mountain crowned with a huge temple, a bastion that will call out to you to seek its entrance. Later, you’ll get a closer look at it when you’re on your way to Nokron, The Eternal City (after defeating the Mimetic Tear boss).


And now comes the big question: how to get to Mohgwyn Palace? There are, to my knowledge, two ways to access the palace. And I say “as far as I know” because we already know Hidetaka Miyazaki: it is possible that in 3 years another hidden path will be found. Today we work with what we have.

First Access to the Palace of Mohgwyn: Varré, the Alabaster Face

The easiest and most direct access is through Varré’s quest thread, the first NPC you encounter in Elden Ring. In his guide, I tell you everything you need to know to advance his story, which can lead you to Mohgwyn’s Palace very early in your game. Tip: bad idea.


Second Access to Mohgwyn’s Palace: Sacronive Field, follow the blood

The second access is located at a very advanced point in the Elden Ring, very close to the end of the game. It is a magical teleporter located in the Sacroníveo Field, which is in the secret area of ​​the Land of the Giants and the hall of the Hieratic Tree of Miquella.


You know how to get to Mohgwyn’s Palace. Why go to this point? What are your locations of interest?


  • Complete the questline for Varré, Face of Alabaster.
  • Ashes of war to the northeast and talisman to the southwest.
  • A businessman in Mohgwyn Palace itself.
  • Mohg, Lord of Blood. You better be well prepared because he (in my opinion) is one of the most incredible bosses in Elden Ring.