Monaco 2 announced, sequel to Monaco: What’s yours is mine

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Pocketwatch Games and Humble Games have announced Monaco 2sequel to the cooperative game released in 2013 Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. The original proposed forming a team of four thieves to carry out a series of robberies, each one more difficult than the previous one, on different maps. Monaco 2 will continue this concept but with a top-down view and 3D graphics.

The team says the intention is to bring in new criminals and test their skills in a new setting, procedurally created 3D environments and an AI designed to place challenges that offer endless fun. It’s still in the early stages of development, but lead designer Andy Schatz gives us a first look in the studio diary.

It is confirmed that the composer Austin Wintory, known especially for the soundtrack of Journeyreturn to this saga with new themes – he put the music to the first Monaco-. The video shows us a bit of this music and conceptual art.

No confirmed platforms

Few more details are known, in fact we do not know platforms either. -although PC seems safe- or estimated release date.

From Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine we tell you that “it has all the virtues that can be asked of an independent title: it is original, fresh, funny, it has a lot of personality, it is addictive and will not leave anyone indifferent who tries it. Irresistible in its cooperative mode, somewhat weaker if we are not going to play alone, this imbalance is its only weak point, because in everything else it complies and with a note. If you like infiltration and stealth, grand heist and heist movies, are looking for something different, and are willing to collaborate and play as a team, Monaco is highly recommended.”


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